The Evergreen Community Charter School Board of Trustees meets at 7:00 PM
generally on the fourth Thursday of every month at Evergreen Community Charter School.
General Agenda


Joseph Spinelli – President
Mary Ann Lewis – Vice President
Eric Noone – Secretary/Treasurer
Sandi Denniston
Sherline Eugene

Meeting Procedures

Any resident or taxpayer of Monroe County may address the Evergreen Community Charter School Board of Board of Trustees.
To get an item on the school board agenda, please call the school's office at (570) 595-6355.

To maintain order during the meetings, there are guidelines that should be followed.

1. Be prepared and organized. If you wish to speak to the Board, you should prepare yourself. A prepared and organized speaker who is respectful of the Board and presents his or her concerns in an organized manner will likely come away with a positive feeling.
2. Understand the framework of the meeting. Although your topic is of major concern to you, a visitor should remember that the Board has business to conduct and an agenda to follow. The public can address the Board at the beginning of each meeting on items on the agenda and at the end of the meeting concerning other items.

3. Follow the rules. Public participation is allowed, but not at the expense of an orderly, efficient meeting.


An archive of the minutes can be found here.


905 E Grace Ave
Cresco, PA 18326
Phone: (570)-595-6355
Fax: (570)-595-6038