The mission of Evergreen Community Charter School is to prepare young people for meaningful life experiences with respect to career decisions, interpersonal relations, and community involvement.


As an established, private academic school in Monroe County, Evergreen Community School has been registered as a charitable nonprofit institution since 1995. Starting in September 1996, Evergreen opened its doors to 16 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 from school districts across Monroe County, offering an education based in excellence and individual attention. Each year a grade was added to accommodate that original 8th grade class, culminating with the first graduating class in 2001. Evergreen became a Pennsylvania Charter School in September of 2006. The current enrollment in Evergreen Community Charter School is 103 students in grades 6 through 12. Evergreen has a proven track record of consistently placing graduates in their first choice colleges or post secondary training. A full list of Evergreen alumnus college acceptances can be found here.

Small Size

At Evergreen, we follow a Montessori-inspired method of education. Effectively, the Montessori model focuses on tailoring learning experiences to the individual and emphasizing social interaction. Our small size has allowed us to follow these methods with innovative teaching methods and extreme flexibility so that we may capture new opportunities as they arise. Here, teachers are encouraged to find creative ways to reach children with diverse styles. Every learning modality is explored in the small class setting. Whether it is baking for World Geography at the end of every unit, or testing the water quality in nearby streams during Science class on a monthly basis, or the seniors preparing a school-wide feast twice each year, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge in the every day application of the material they are learning.

Educational Program

We are a co-educational, non-sectarian school, dedicated to the premise that education is best achieved in a small, personalized, and safe environment. Montessori-inspired educational techniques are at the core of our interdisciplinary curriculum. Research, problem solving, and presentation skills are emphasized here. Evergreen functions as a community where individuals learn to cooperate and solve problems in a supportive atmosphere. Communication skills are a priority here with students writing in class each and every day. Student-driven research and presentations are encouraged and sometimes required. Assignments are generally interdisciplinary in nature and help to develop critical thinking skills. Our community environment helps students develop skills in cooperation, personal relations, empathy, communication, and problem analysis. Outdoor education will be utilized for laboratory experience, personal development, enjoyment, and appreciation. Every area of study is enriched throughout the school year with field trips. We continue to believe in the value of travel, culture, and applied knowledge for all our students. Faculty members often work closely with students themselves to find and plan excursions that bring the curriculum to life.


Our school supports a wide variety of clubs that cover all different kinds of interests. While not required, students are encouraged to participate in order to meet new people and explore common interests that wouldn't otherwise be covered during class time. Whether it be the Alpha Helpers who plan and enact community service events, the Reading Olympics team who compete in county-wide battle of book knowledge, or the Drama Club who put on a school play every year, there is something for everyone. Should a student find the school to be lacking a club in a certain area, they are encouraged to start their own club! Almost all clubs are student-run and many, such as the school Dungeons and Dragons club, are student founded. We do our best to ensure that all students are able to express themselves creatively in a safe and accommodating space.


905 E Grace Ave
Cresco, PA 18326
Phone: (570)-595-6355
Fax: (570)-595-6038